Hello, World!!

Hiya !! Welcome to the blog!!!

About Me

I am a Computer Science student at the International Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore, in my first year of an integrated Masters degree. Until recently I was completely unaware of nearly everything I’ve learnt after coming to IIIT-B. Since, I had a fairly interesting climb to loving Computer Science from not knowing any of it at all, I figured I’d better blog it. So here we go!!!

PS: Also before we begin I think everyone needs to know my workflow . Not that it’s crazy…But I’m pretty proud of it. Funnily I have a separate repo for my vim config

What I am going to blog…

This blog is going to be dedicated to my journey gathering knowledge, be it from the internet or the courses I take up at IIIT-B or the projects I take up. I might put up tutorials (so to speak). These won’t be my own “Musings”. I will mostly compile all the tutorials I followed to get something done. Also, these tutorials will be in the form they reside in my head. Also, I hope to talk about my process to learn something new (just so that if I have a mare and forget everything at least the structure of my learning is stored elsewhere).

So that’s it for now. Feel free to leave a comment below about your thoughts and ideas. I can assure you that I will enjoy all the chats with my fellow students and full-fledged developers.

(define foo
    (lambda () 
            (write 'Hello, World!!')

Moriturus te Saluto!!